Christening Photography

Our clients really appreciate the knowledge we have during the ceremonies and any rules the church may have. We always politely ask the priest before the christening ceremony if there are any particular rules. The orthodox churches, usually have set rules and we always work around them with ease.

A Christening or Baptism is an extraordinary occasion and is usually considered to be the big day of a young child. That is why most of the parents are planning ahead regarding this special occasion in order to make it more meaningful and joyous one. Hence to fully preserve essential memories of your child’s christening, opting to a service of a professional photographer is the best unforgettable gift that you could give to your child.
There are times when the priest may not allow photography during the ceremony, mainly due to the flash being fired constantly. Our cameras are equipped to photograph with out a flash, so that we are not annoying the priest or the child during the ceremony. However, sometimes, the church is too dark and we have no choice but to use a flash. It is usually best to confirm with the priest if photography is allowed during the church ceremony.

When you book us for your christening or baptism for your baby, we will work with you to ensure that the images reflect the events on the day. This always helps when you go above and beyond with the set out at your home or the reception. The better the layout, the better your images will be.

We always like to inform our clients, that the better the mood is of your child on the day, the better the photographs turn out in the end. As a company providing christening photography in Sydney, we try our best to work around your child’s schedule and mood, so that you may take the best images of your baby on his or her christening day.

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